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Our Design PhilosophyUpdated a year ago

We want our jewelry to help you be you. Wherever you are in life. H&B jewelry is a celebration of your self-expression and a complement to your personal style. Creativity and innovation have helped us produce some of the most versatile jewelry out there—styles you can wear in multiple ways to suit every outfit and moment. 

Our pieces are designed in Canada, and over the years, we’ve created over 13,000 different pieces of jewelry and 150 different Sparkle colours. Bringing these visions to life requires partnerships with global manufacturers. It’s how we’re able to leverage best-in-class execution while using the highest quality materials. This production process includes some manufacturing and assembly in Canada, sourcing chains from Italy, and collecting crystals and gemstones from around the world. We partner with values-aligned manufacturers who provide safe and healthy working conditions, and comply with our ethics policies. 

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