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Frequently Asked QuestionsUpdated a year ago

How do I initiate the warranty process? What do I need to bring? 

You can visit any of our retail locations or reach out to our client care team to begin the warranty process. If you’re visiting a retail location, remember to bring your proof of purchase (ie. receipt, order number or purchasers information) and the jewelry item. Please bring both earrings if you need an earring replacement. 

If you’re reaching out to our client care team, you’ll be asked to provide a photo of the item and your proof of purchase. Our client care team can be reached through the Live Chat feature on our website, or by emailing [email protected]. 

What happens if my piece is more than 1 year old? 

We stand behind the quality of our pieces and want your favourites to stand the test of time. If you require assistance beyond the 1-year timeframe, products can be repaired or replaced with like-quality materials for a nominal fee. You can inquire about product repairs at any of our retail locations, contact our client care team by emailing [email protected]. 

Can Sparkle Balls™ be repaired? 

Sparkle Balls™ are hand-set in clay and cannot be repaired. If your earrings damaged in any way, please visit any one of our Hillberg & Berk stores or contact our Client Care team, and we will be happy to help find you a solution!

Does warranty coverage include water damage? 

Yes! H&B warranty covers manufacturing defects related to the types of water exposure outlined above. 

Please note, other liquids, such as cosmetic products, typically cause discolouration to Sparkle pieces. This discolouration is not covered by H&B warranty and will not result from acceptable levels of water-specific exposure. 

Is loss covered under warranty? What if I lose just one earring? 

Loss and natural wear and tear are not covered by H&B warranty. But if you lose one earring, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding a replacement! 

What if I’m not located near a store? 

Our client care team is always available from a distance. Reach out to us through the Live Chat feature on our website, or email [email protected]. 

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