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How do I redeem points?Updated 9 months ago

There are two ways you can redeem your BerkPerk points online.

From your BerkPerks homepage:  

Step1: Log in to your account, click BerkPerks Rewards, and scroll to the Rewards section 

Step 2: Select your desired discount option and click ‘Get Reward’ 

Step 3: Copy and paste the promo code generated into the discount field at checkout. 

Step 4: Unused rewards are always accessible on your profile page under My Rewards  

At checkout (Online):

Step 1:Shop! 

Step 2: Proceed to checkout and login to your account using the prompts 

Step 3: Apply the desired discount by entering the number of points you wish to redeem 

Please note: You can redeem a minimum $1 discount (for 40 points) and a maximum $30 discount (for 1200 points) 

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