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Warranty & WaterUpdated a year ago

We know you want to wear Sparkle everywhere! We’ve been continually improving the water resistance of our designs so that you can wear and share your H&B with confidence. Please note that our pieces are not built for prolonged water submergence (ie. swimming), but will not be damaged by occasional exposure.

Does water-friendly include hand sanitizer, perfume, and cosmetics? 

No. To extend the life of your products, we recommend minimizing exposure to liquids including beauty products, oils, and lotions. Our Sparkle pieces are made with a clay base that is coated to resist damage from true water exposure. Liquids with chemicals and fragrances can penetrate this protective covering and cause damage to the clay.  

Does warranty coverage include water damage? 

Yes! H&B warranty covers manufacturing defects related to the types of water exposure outlined above. 

Please note, other liquids, such as cosmetic products, typically cause discolouration to Sparkle pieces. This discolouration is not covered by H&B warranty and will not result from acceptable levels of water-specific exposure. 

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