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Care Guide


Our best care tips for expanding the lifetime of your H&B favourites.


Your H&B favourites should be stored in an airtight container or jewelry storage box for optimal care.

Skin Sensitivities

Learn more about if our pieces are safe for skin sensitivies.

Water Exposure

To extend the life of your products, we recommend minimizing exposure to liquids including beauty products, oils, and lotions. Our Sparkle pieces are made with a clay base that is coated to resist damage from true water exposure. Liquids with chemica

How to wear

Your jewelry needs a little TLC too and to help keep your pieces sparkling we’ve provided some care tips below:.

Is it normal for my skin to discolour when wearing sterling silver?

Sometimes, skin PH reacts with a metal and results in mild, temporary skin discolouration. Skin PH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline your skin is. This does not compromise the integrity of the metal.

Is it normal for my earring posts to bend?

Yes! Sterling silver is a soft metal. Bending is normal, not an indicator of poor quality, and can be corrected by gently bending the post back into place with your fingers. Our client ambassadors are happy to assist if you wish to bring earrings in-

How do I prevent tarnishing, or colour fading?

Tarnishing is a natural occurrence for sterling silver pieces and can be cleaned. Jewelry cleaners and soft polishing cloths are recommended to keep your pieces looking shiny and new. To prevent tarnishing, follow our recommendations for care and sto

Are your pieces hypoallergenic?

925 sterling silver does not mean the metal is 100% hypoallergenic, but sterling silver is safe for most sensitivities. All of our earrings are also guaranteed to be nickel free, which is the most common irritant for sensitive ears. If you have any i

Tennis Bracelet Care Tips

Follow these tips to keep your Tennis Bracelet shining and serving long into the future.

How to Use Your Keepsake Pavé Locket

To create the perfect size image to fit in your locket follow the steps below. Step 1: Print your photo at approx. 0.75” x 0.75”. Step 2: Print out our template. Ensure you are printing to 100% scale. Step 3: Cut the template and place it on top of y